5 Best Content Editing Tools for Writers and Marketers

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5 Best Content Editing Tools for Writers and Marketers

The authorities recommend it’s not a piece of cake to do content writing. If you are a skilled writer looking to gain traction or a marketer producing content as part of your content marketing plan, inactivity, loss of creativity, editing, and SEO guidelines are factors to get caught in and change your content negatively.

Writing to the Internet isn’t like writing your private information, journals, or experiments. The articles have to be appealing and draw and keep readers’ notice; however, those articles have to be equipped with the right keywords, formats, and media to attract search engine attention.

Your issue can be a lack of information on search optimization, or your writing insights are not up to the mark. Happily, we live in an era of free or reasonable-priced writing tools that can help us all become better and productive writers and bloggers.

Whether you are a marketer or writer, what your preferences are, or your standards of competence are, you must need some content writing tools to upgrade your content quality.

5 Best Content Editing Tools Needed By Writers And Marketers 

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is an excellent grammar checking tool. Whereas any good scanner can detect typical errors, Grammarly goes a step properly and detects awkward phrasing, misuse of words, and run-on phrases.

That isn’t like though you had a seasoned editor sitting next to you indicating all the forms you should extend your content. However, it’s the right tool to analyze your content grammatically.

Grammarly can be done as a browser plugin, an online tool, a web program, and an MS Word add-in. Grammarly can automatically scan the text from the browser utilizing their Chrome/Firefox plugin. Any word you enter in emails, social media, or a content management system is checked for grammatical, contextual, and speech errors automatically (with solutions offered on-page).

2. Plagiarism Checker 


Sometimes different bloggers have already covered a ton of content you’ll be using if you’re posting on a common topic. However, even though you have the same content, you must make sure your writing is different from others.

It’s not about the honor of the intellectual property of other writers to stop plagiarism. Search engines penalize websites that publish related content, and when people start finding that your articles are restricted to other pages, you won’t attract a lot of new followers.

Plagiarism Checker by PREPOSTSEO is the best plagiarism detection tool that can help you avoid this difficulty.

You can submit documents in more than ten foreign languages. This can automatically scan the 16 billion web sources to show which parts of your blog are 100% original and which elements are related to different sites.

This is an invaluable ally in the fight against plagiarism as it compares the written content with over billions of web pages.

That is particularly important for worldwide editors for whom original content is essential. To avoid the embarrassment and legal suggestions of performing plagiarized content, it is necessary to check your content utilizing a plagiarism checker.

3. EditPad 


A different helpful writing method for choosing easy, economical tools for text editing instead of complex and frustrating programs is EditPad. It is an intuitive online service for editing text in real-time.

It is an accessible text writer and editor that allow you to focus on content rather than formatting and styling. If you deal with broad tasks of writing every day, EditPad is a must-have content editing tool. It’s one of the more extensive writing programs for you to use while frequently writing your stuff.

By EditPad, you can verify how many characters and words you wrote. It also helps you paraphrase without searching for different ways if you have difficulties extracting words from the inspired source. You can also check the originality of written stuff by using its built-in plagiarism purpose.

4. Paraphrasing Tool


To many marketers, bloggers, and writers, the Paraphrasing tool is increasingly becoming an assisting tool. Also, many like you can increase your writing’s readability score and make your content unique.

Check-Plagiarism’s paraphrasing tool will change most of your words by the appropriate synonyms that will maintain the original thoughts. The tool is completely free to use, and you can easily upload and paste the document to make it effective and unique.

5. Hemingway’s Editor 


People like this tool, and yes, the love is worth for. The Hemingway Editor is one of the top best content editing online tools to improve your writing significantly. Once you start using the tool, you will get to know the remarkable features and why it is so popular with content writers and bloggers.

Hemingway Editor will mark out the sentences and propose alternate suggestions if you use heavy fancy words. Wordy sentences and incorrect grammar syntaxes are highlighted immediately so that they can correct errors.

Also not just that, the tool is distinguished by all manner of incorrect and right syntax, complex and ambiguous words, irrelevant sentences, and passive voices. Also, you can publish your content directly in WordPress or in Medium to promote your thought now on the Web.


With the content editing tools mentioned above, energy saves time and effort while working on your site content. Utilize these tools according to your requirements; no matter you need content editing for your blog, knowledge graphics, videos, or different articles, they will serve as your great help.

The most significant task for any author is to keep the updated content continuously accessible. You can face this challenge head-on with the best content editing tools listed above.

Build up your writing skills to provide your target audience and modern clients with great marketing content by being a marketer using all these Content Editing Tools.

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