Airy Mac YouTube Downloader Best Review in 2021

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Airy Mac YouTube Downloader Best Review, Now, downloading YouTube videos is one of the simplest tasks. Go to the YouTube video you want to download, copy the URL, and paste it into one of the YouTube video downloading websites. That’s it; your favorite YouTube videos will be downloaded to your device in a matter of seconds. But what if you require more than just downloading videos?

For example, if you frequently download videos from YouTube or in bulk, or if you want to select the audio from a video file, the traditional method may not be suitable for you.

Airy youtube downloader for mac allows you to easily, efficiently, and quickly download YouTube videos to your Mac. The software is loaded with valuable features that allow you to download YouTube content whenever you want.

We’ve reviewed several YouTube downloaders in the past, and today we’ll take a close look at this Airy Mac software.
Without further ado, here is a review of the Airy Mac YouTube downloader.

Airy Mac YouTube Downloader Review in 2021

Youtube video downloader reviews.

The interface of the Airy Mac YouTube Downloader

The software’s interface is straightforward. All you see on the interface is a box to enter the URL of the video and a download button.
As you might expect, all you have to do is enter the URL of your favorite YouTube videos into the box and click the download button.
The download will begin immediately on the screen. However, you can manually select the video quality from the list of available attributes for the specific YouTube video.

Aside from that, you can download an entire Playlist or Channel by simply copying and pasting its links.
That is something unique that we do not see in the majority of YouTube downloaders available.

So, if you want to download videos in bulk or download videos from your favorite YouTube stars for offline viewing, this is the tool for you.
So, overall, the software interface is pretty simple, and the features are pretty powerful.

Features of Airy Mac YouTube Downloader

To determine whether this software has an advantage over others on the market in this category, we must examine its features.
So, here are the most notable features of the Airy Mac YouTube downloader that deserve to be mentioned.

YouTube content devoid of advertisements

Using the tool, you will download the content without being interrupted by those annoying ads that appear while watching a video online.
So, if you don’t like ads on your videos, you could use this software to download your favorites to your computer and watch them without the ads interfering.

Downloads at high speeds and high-quality media

Airy Mac YouTube downloader will allow you to download videos in the highest possible quality and the fastest possible download speed based on your internet connection.

For example, if a YouTube video is available in 1080p on YouTube, you can download the same quality file and any other lesser qualities available from the software.

Audio files extracted from YouTube videos download-mp3

Airy Mac YouTube Downloader Best Review in 2021

If you want to extract the audio file from a YouTube video, say a Trap Mix that doesn’t have video content but is still on YouTube, this software will be ideal. You do not need to use an additional tool to separate the video and audio files.
While selecting the video quality and format, you could download only the MP3 format of the video file.

Connection to your web browser

After a while, copying and pasting the video URL may become tedious.
The software includes a browser integration that allows you to download videos directly from YouTube if this is the case.
As a result, you will need no extended want to copy-paste the video URL into the software to begin downloading.

YouTube playlists and channels that are free of pain and time waste

If you want to download videos in bulk, whether because you want to or because you have some free data to spend, Airy Mac YouTube downloader has you covered. Copy and download the URLs of your YouTube Playlist or Channel into the software to begin downloading its entire content. Isn’t it a fascinating subject?

SRT subtitle files from YouTube

Do you want to download the subtitles for any YouTube video? You do not need any additional software to complete the task.
Airy Mac YouTube downloader will allow you to download YouTube subtitles in SRT format, which you can use wherever you want.

The format and resolution that you require airy-download-mp4-720

As previously stated, the software supports a wide range of formats and resolutions.
You can download videos in formats such as 3GP, MP4, MP3, and others, and in various resolutions such as 480p, 360p, 240p, 1080p, 720p, 144p, and so on.

As a result, you will never have to download a larger or smaller file than what you require.
YouTube even has 60fps videos that you can download.

Downloads have resumed.

You may never have the time to finish the download, especially if the file is large or has a slow internet connection.
No need to worry; the software will allow you to pause/resume the download whenever you want.
As a result, even if your internet connection is lost, you can resume the download.

Access to content that is age-restricted and password-protected

The software will allow you to circumvent YouTube’s age restrictions and protection.
So, if any of the videos are not available in your country or if you are unable to access those videos, use this video downloader to obtain the file.


  • Quick video downloads
  • There are various qualities to choose from.
  • MP3 pause/resume feature extraction
  • Download a YouTube Playlist
  • Download the entire Playlist/Channel
  • Browser compatibility


  • The tool has no browsing interface.


Airy Mac YouTube Downloader can be used to download YouTube videos in any quality you want, along with some extra, functional features like subtitle download, channel/playlist download, pause/resume features, and so on. So, if you’re looking for an easy, powerful, and elegant tool to download YouTube videos, this Airy Mac software is a great option.

Final words:

Airy Mac YouTube Downloader is a simple tool for quickly downloading YouTube videos in any video quality.

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