Best 3 Enterprise Financial Services Apps in 2021

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Best 3 Enterprise Financial Services Apps in 2021

Enterprises today discuss the importance of giving their workforces access to Android-compatible financial services apps. Despite the slow pace of adopting new standards and continuous internal debates over mobile device management (MDM) and security, financial enterprises are now moving ahead by programs to provide their teams access to solutions and leading apps like Skype, Concur Expensify, and Coupa about their Android devices.

Although several financial enterprises were slow to support Android, given their historical reliance on legacy devices that are soon fading from businesses in the U.S., they are moving more toward Android-powered smartphones and tablets. To many, the driver is a new wave of thinner and more active devices than prior models. Additionally, a more streamlined instance of Android with capabilities like split-screen multitasking, fingerprint scanning, high definition displays, and the KNOX security platform make current smartphones more appealing to business users than always before.

Best 3 Enterprise Financial Services Apps in 2021

Software Leads the Charge

Software, especially in the form of mobile apps, drives enterprises to Android. For example, the roll-out of Office for Android marked a seismic change for its parent company, making it important in the mobile category again. Improvements to Outlook for Android have been deserving following, though the great news in new 2015 is that Skype to Business is coming to Android.

Different popular enterprise financial services app is Concur for Android. Concur is the best travel and entertainment SaaS solution. Used with large banks and consulting firms, it’s known for its integration with complex environments such as those found at large financial institutions. The app makes it simple for businesses to track and manage travel expenses. It allows enterprises to select preferred airlines and will recommend the most cost-effective programs for travelers. Its acquisition with SAP further increases Concur’s relevance to the enterprise market.

While the biggest enterprises like Concur, others in the business market looking for related functionality are thinking Expensify, a free app available on the Google Play store. Expensify enables business users to quickly and easily submit assessment reports from the convenience of their smartphones. Users open the app, fill out an automated payment form, snap a picture of their receipt and submit their payment request.

One-third company to track is Coupa, a newly VC-funded provider of expense and procurement solutions. The mobile app makes it simple and convenient for business users to buy and expense goods and save their company money. Given this financial support level and its ability to operate more quickly than Concur below SAP, Coupa is an enterprise solution to Android that could become important quickly.

More to Come

Enterprise adoption of Android will remain to grow over time in financial services as security concerns are addressed. Given financial institutions’ role in preserving financial assets, device-level security is head of the mind for decision-makers. The strong security features available from Samsung KNOX will make the transition to Android more streamlined. Given their ability to make operating system upgrades and control which staff members use handsets, today’s financial enterprises have a leg up on mobile security.

Financial enterprises can require more collaboration from leading solution providers with third-party software providers like SAP and Expensify quickly. Their adoption will serve to reinforce the growing importance of financial services apps for Android.


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