Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free)

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Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

There were days when we were bound to edit our videos

through professional video editing software, even basic editing. A long tiring

process, but time has changed and for good. Due to the technological

revolution and advanced software development, video editing has turned

into something child’s game. It doesn’t mean if you need to make

a beautiful birthday composition or musical content from your camcorder;

video editing is not that hard. You are searching for the best video editing

software for Mac; you are in the right place.

Here is the Best 9 Video Editing Software for mac 

Mac focuses on productivity. That’s the reason people prefer. Many surveys proved it.

1. WondershareFilmora

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

First on our list is WondershareFilmora. Equipped with all the necessary

video editing tools like cropping, trimming, splitting, combining, and many

more. Also, have an option to chop merge large videos within no

time. Advanced editing features, for example, Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Jump Cut,

Face-Off, etc. Converts videos to your preferred file format. Tons of built-in

effects. Allows burning videos to DVD and also to upload to youtube

compatible with Mac and Windows OS. Subscription cost around $45 per


2. iMovie

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

Second, on our list is iMovie. Equipped with Offers more than a dozen built-

in stunning templates, audio, and video effects. You can directly import

tunes from iTunes. It is a beautiful tool to stabilize shaky videos. It has Tons

of tools to enhance audio and video. iMovie’s has a user-friendly interface.

That makes it easy to use video editors for beginners. Now anyone can edit

videos and add background music or caption of their choice. Some advanced features like split-screen pictures and pictures and an

increase and decrease in the video’s speed. It supports 4k videoediting.

The best part is creating Hollywood-type trailers, free video editor with

tones of built-in audio effect. However, it is limited to only two video and

audio tracks. But still, it is one of the best. It is free. It is compatible with

MAC and Ios.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Next on our list is Adobe premiere Pro CC. it is one of the quickest and

high-quality video editors? You can also share videos on your social media. It is

a pioneer video editing software. Which has a lot of editing tools specially

designed for MAC. There are loads of built-in effects and color correction

tools. It supports a large number of codecs available with a video tutorial to

learn how to use it. Equipped with a video stabilizer. It is known for

subscription with dollar 325 a year.

4. Final Cut pro

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

The Video Editing Software list in the best video editing software for MAC is Final Cut Pro. This software can use for both personal and professional

purposes. As it has revolutionary video editing tools. Produces advanced-

level videos. Especially in MAC OS, it comes with superior performance. It

supports up to 8k and VR video editing. All the projects are organized in a

systematic structure. You can use it for free for 90 days only. For a full

version, it cost around dollar 300.

movavi video editor. This video editor is packed with tones of features that

allow it to make professional and advance level movies and trailers. It is full

of filters, stickers, animation, keyframes, titles, intros, and other built-in

features. Simple drag and drop interface. Save movies in almost all the

popular files format. Full features pack video editor is available for MAC

users. One-year subscription costs around dollar 50. Compatible with both

MAC and window.

5. Davinci resolve 17

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

DaVinci is one of the best video editing popular for best color correction,

high-resolution visual effects. It has a beautiful and most modern delegate

interface. It even works with 3D audio and provides an all-in-one solution

for advanced level audio and video editing. It is compatible with both

Windows ios and MAC. Keep in mind that it is stuffed up with tools to

produce more extensive projects such as TV shows. Full version cast

around dollar 300.

6. OpenShot 

Next on our list of best top video editors for MAC is an open shot. It is pretty

popular amongst beginners. It is free. The user interface is a simple drag

and drop. You can quickly make interactive videos. Full of useful features,

it allows you multi-lingual video editing. It is free and compatible with MAC,

Linux, and windows.

7. Blunder

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

Blunder is a free video editing software that allows you to edit videos

professionally. It is stuffed up with all the advanced features, for example,

cut mix and sync audios and video. Widely used with making TV

commercials. Works around complex editing tasks such as engineering simulation. Blunder is free and is compatible with MAC, Linux, and

windows, and open BSD.

8. Avid media composer.

It is again the popular choice of professionals. You can edit your videos

with the most advanced video editing tools. You can also import media files

on it. It is compatible with MAC only.

9. Shortcut

Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021

Last but not least, in our nine positions, we have a shortcut, which is a free

open-source video editor. Although the software is under dynamic

improvement, the software tools and features are still like any other best

Video Editing Software For Mac. It is free and compatible with MAC only.


We hope you liked our list of Best 9 Video Editing Software For Mac (Paid & Free) 2021 as we have thoughtfully research and filter it for you. If you ask our recommendation, we recommend iMovie and wonder to share Filmora.

Both of these software have a plethora of tools and features. Please let us know about your feedback, and if you have any suggestions, please mention them in the comment box.

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