Best First Blockchain-Based Game Idea Platform Launch

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Best First Blockchain-Based Game Idea Platform Launch in 2021

Playway—one of Poland’s biggest game producers—listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange has launched the first platform that uses blockchain technology for getting ideas for new video games. Gratitude to the recently launched Need for Game Idea platform (available PWAY). Playway wants to get ideas for new titles from game players worldwide. This will be provided by development studios that are part of the PlayWay Group, consisting of over 200 development teams concentrated in 120 companies. Idea makers will be rewarded in PWAY tokens, digital tokens, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Best First Blockchain-Based Game Idea Platform Launch in 2021

The platform will also play a one more important function, and it will integrate and activate the multi-million Playway games enthusiasts around the world, enabling the purchase (exclusively for PWAYs) of different products and services compared to the games of the PlayWay Group and the result on the development of the platform.

After registering on the platform, utilizing their Steam account, users will submit their ideas for games. Every user will be able to submit only one idea for which he will receive 1 PWAY token. The authors of the best game ideas will be invited to further work on the game concept. After concluding an agreement transferring the copyright to the idea, they will instantly receive 100 PWAYs and a 5 percent share in the profits from the sale of the game-based on the submitted idea if it is finally implemented and released.

Groundbreaking ideas for games are one of the most valuable assets for us. Playway specializes in the production of low and medium-budget games. Production usually takes one and a half or two years, and in the case of the most exciting ideas, it can bring very significant profits. It is worth mentioning Car Mechanic Simulator or House Flipper, which earned some million dollars each. We can produce 200 games simultaneously. We want to use our fans’ full potential, enabling them to create their dream games and many unique activities within the Playway gaming community, comments Marek Parzyński, president of Pway from the PlayWay Group developing the PWAY concept.

Unlike multiple ICO projects, the company will not raise funds from the market. The company’s goal is to get attractive game ideas from players. The only cause of PWAY tokens’ supply will be the authors of the game ideas (1 and 100 tokens) and the platform’s few developers. Profits from the games (5 percent) will be paid in PWAY tokens, which the company will purchase from the market (crypto exchanges) also send to the authors of game ideas.

Best First Blockchain-Based Game Idea Platform. PWAY token will be posted on crypto exchanges very soon, so stay tuned.


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