SSH Clients PuTTY Alternatives for Windows 10

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Best Free & Paid SSH Clients PuTTY Alternatives for Windows 10 – 2021

When a Windows user is looking for the best SSH client, PuTTY is always first on this list. Over time, now people are finding such options that are far better and advance than puTTY. If you are also looking for the same thing and want an SSH client with an integrated file transfer and an SSH server, you are on the right platform.

This article will introduce you to the top 10 best putty Alternatives that perform the following functions.

  • Logging into a cloud server
  • Managing servers remotely
  • Saves credentials
  • Multiple session support
  • Grants quick access to recent sessions
  • Integrates with Windows search and more.

What is an SSH client?

Secure Shell is known as SSH. It is all about securely accessing remote servers on the Internet. It protects records from interception. It means SSH connections can encrypt data transfer for the devices on the same network. When the need to secure logins, transferring files, and accessing headless systems arises, SSH clients are used.

Best SSH Clients and Alternatives to PuTTY – Windows 2021

When looking for Windows SSH clients that can replace PuTTY, I was able to find several options. But only a few were able to make it to this list because of their features, ease of use, installation process, price, support & documentation.

Best Free & Paid SSH Clients PuTTY Alternatives for Windows 10 – 2021

1.    Solar PuTTY

First in our list of best puTTY alternatives is SolarpuTTY.

It has a multi-tab interface. Solar puTTY is a new SSH client that offers multiple sessions in one console. Using this, you can perform various tasks like saving credentials, fastly accessing recent sessions, managing more than two sessions, and performing searching as it integrates with Windows search, which isn’t easy with PuTTY. It is free of cost. Solar PuTTY also works with Telnet, SFTP TFP protocols, SCP, and you don’t need to install it. You can run operations directly from a USB stick.


  • No need to install it
  • it Manager many sessions from one console
  • Save private keys for easy login

2.    MobaXterm

Second, on our list of best PuTTY Alternatives for Windows is MobaXterm. It is pretty popular amongst professionals, compatible with windows. It offers plugin support, multi-execution, ssh tunnels, and many other features that aren’t present in other competitors. Another feature it automatically opens an SFTP browser that makes editing and connection with remote machines relatively easy. The free version doesn’t offer all the features. But certainly, it gives you a clear idea about the SSH client. Premium version cost around dollar 70 per user.

3.    ExtraPuTTY

Next on our list of best PuTTY fork for windows is ExtraPuTTY. Many valuable features have been added, like added features like effortless file transfer and many must-needed add-ons. Other features include integrating FTP, SCP, Ymode, and other protocols. Change in the setting is easy. Keyboard shortcuts work on it. Automatic sequence command.

4.    mRemoteNG

One of the best free PuTTY Alternatives is mRemote. It offers many useful features as it primarily supports all protocols like VNC, ICA, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, and many more. It allows raw socket connection. It has a powerful SSH client with a tabbed interface. It has this unique feature in which it can develop nested containers to divide links.

5.    Bitvise SSH Client

Another free alternative to PuTTY is Bitvise SSH Client. This works on all versions of Windows and Servers. It is also used to trigger connections to SSH servers. It offers single-click remote desktop forwarding. It has a small administration toolkit. All you need is single sign-on and NTLM user authentication. It is entirely free.

6.    FileZilla

On the sixth spot, we have FileZilla. This free alternative to PuTTY for windows. Using its client, you can share FTP and FTP TLS files. It also supports Dropbox, WebDAV, and Google Cloud Storage along with amazon and many more. It allows you to transfer large files. It has a tabbed user interface. Offers remote file editing, Network configuration wizard.

7.    ZOC

Next is ZOC, very popular and its price starts around dollar 80. Internet client has a beautiful user interface. SSH client has well established terminal emulator. A wide variety of emulations. Tabbed user interface with an overview screen. You can remap your Full keyboard. It also has functions of keyboard shortcuts and scrolls back. Secure shell, serial cable, and others allow you to connect with the mainframe.

8.    SmarTTY

Next, the best alternatives to putty are SmarTTY. It has a tabbed SSH client that is compatible with SCP. You can work on different tabs without any problem. It has this unique feature in which it automatically completes files, folders, and the latest commands. It allows the transfer of large files, for example, whole directories. It has this unique feature, and it has a Built-in hex terminal. The best part is it is free.

9.    WinSCP

WinSCP has this beautiful feature of the file manager, which allows the scripting capabilities. It has integrated task automation. Supports files between local computers and copies them to remote servers. It is available in many languages.

10.   KiTTY

Finally, on the 10th, we have KiTTY that offers many valuable add-ons not available in puTTY. It can run local scripts on remote devices. Lightweight text editor. Another helpful feature is an option to filter file URLs. It also has a chance of automatic command. The best part is it is free.


We research a lot of time to make a comprehensive list of the Best Free & Paid SSH Clients PuTTY Alternatives for Windows 10 – 2021. Now it depends on users and their requirements to use any of the above puTTY Alternatives. Few puTTY options are part of our list in which many of the features are not available on puTTY. Most of the puTTY Alternatives are free and have open source. These are just one click away. You can click and download. If you ask our advice, we like to recommend you solar puTTY.



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