9 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) In 2021

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Grammarly is a helpful proofreading software programe that assists you in writing clear and correct documents. Using this app, your text is not only easy to read but also well-polished.

Regardless of its versatility, you may want to look for other editing tools that provide a different proofreading experience. Fortunately, there are numerous Grammarly Alternative for mac available to assist you in becoming an excellent writer.

Finding a writing app that will correct everything you type, native or non-native English speaker, can be rugged. You’ve come to the best site if you’re seeing for a top Grammarly Alternative that works well for everyone.

Here’s a closer look at the best Grammarly Alternatives! Grammarly’s functions are similar to those of the following proofreading software. The best element is that you can enjoy various features and pricing tailored to your specific needs. Continue scrolling through the top 9 best Grammarly Alternatives below to make a decision.

1. ProWritingAid

9 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) In 2021

ProWritingAid is Best Grammarly Alternatives another paid editing tool that can be used instead of Grammarly. This online proofreading app is intended for all writers, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it simple to use.

The cross-platform software programe is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is also compatible with several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. ProWritingAid Grammarly free alternatives has many features, including editing, checking plagiarism, checking grammar, and editing style.

This programe can help you improve your writing skills if you are a non-native English speaker. It can serve as your writing mentor, correcting grammatical errors and ensuring that your English writing is polished.

What about the features?

Contextual Thesaurus is a feature of ProWritingAid that offers synonyms for each word. The app offers better with Google Docs, Chrome, and Microsoft Suite.

Not to mention that it provides more than 20 different reports for in-depth analysis. This software has a free plan and two premium plans that start at $20 per month, $79 per year, and $299 for life.

2. WhiteSmoke

9 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) In 2021

WhiteSmoke is an excellent choice best free grammarly alternative if you’re looking for a writing tool to help you your English writing skills better. This paid software programme is fully integrated to detect grammatical mistakes. Because of Natural Language Processing and algorithms that aid in text analysis and error detection.

It also offers suggestions for how to correct the mistakes. WhiteSmoke free alternatives to grammarly has a variety of features, including a redesigned layout and content updates.

It also employs artificial intelligence, enabling the tool to analyse text as thoroughly as a human editor. Not to mention other features such as a spell-checker, punctuation checker, style checker, and translator.

Unlike ProWritingAid, which offers a free plan, WhiteSmoke only has a paid version. Also though there is no free trial available, this software has flexible pricing plans starting at $5 per month for Chrome Extension.

It also has a unique pricing plan for businesses that costs $11.50 per month. WhiteSmoke is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

3. Ginger

9 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) In 2021

The Ginger writing app is at the top of the list. This Israeli start-up helps you improve your writing productivity and written communication by detecting and correcting grammatical mistakes.

It also functions as a punctuation tool, allowing you to produce flawless writing. This, like Grammarly, is a cross-platform software that works on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Ginger grammarly alternatives free includes a plethora of features, such as a Sentence Rewriter tool that aids in the creation and enrichment of unique text. Emoji and word prediction improve work productivity and writing efficiency.

The online editing tool also includes a dictionary, translator, personal trainer, and themes that can be customised. Ginger’s pricing is flexible, with monthly, annual, and two-year plans available.

The monthly plan costs $20.97 per month, while the annual plan costs $7.49 per month. You can subscribe to a two-year plan for $6.66 per month for a low cost. Ginger also offers a money-back guarantee, which provides a 7-day, full refund if you are dissatisfied with the software.

4. Virtual Writing Tutor

9 Best Grammarly Alternatives (Free & Paid) In 2021

This online grammar checker can improve your writing, mainly if you are a non-native English speaker. The proofreading software programme includes numerous features such as a punctuation checker, spelling checker, grammar checker, and vocabulary checker. It also aids in the paraphrase of complex sentences to improve readability. What makes it as one of the best Grammarly alternatives?

Virtual Writing Tutor features a Target Structure Checker to help you improve your writing structure. Through an interactive approach, it also makes the grammatical correction process more exciting.

This editing tool may have fewer features and a less appealing interface than Grammarly. However, it is entirely free so that anyone can use it. For students or writers, Virtual Writing Tutor can be an ideal proofreading solution. However, users are advised to use this writing app as a secondary editing tool because it is less comprehensive in analyzing your writing.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway’s Editorship Hemingway Editor is a good Grammarly Alternatives if you need a writing assistant who is concerned with readability. Unlike other editing tools that serve as grammar and spelling checkers, this software program focuses solely on complex sentences. This is because most complex sentences are difficult to read, so the tool assists in resolving the error to improve readability.

How does it work?

When the writing assistant has finished analysing the text, it highlights difficult-to-read sentences in red. The text will then be broken down into shorter, simpler sentences.

Your writing will now be much easier to read and comprehend. Hemingway Editor, on the other hand, lacks grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkers. It may be necessary to use it as a secondary editing tool. While most Grammarly alternatives are only available online, Hemingway Editor can also be used offline.

It enables you to work without being reliant on an internet connection. In terms of pricing, the web app is free. However, if you need to use the desktop app, it costs $19.99 as a one-time fee.

6. Sapling

Sapling is a business-oriented Best Grammarly Alternatives writing app that assists in creating business documents such as sales letters, emails, and others. This grammar checker and writing assistant is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which can analyse up to 60% more language issues than similar apps.

Thanks to a capable machine learning system that was trained on a wide range of English sentences. This proofreading software works as a browser extension on various browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It works also compatible with text-based web apps like Google Docs, Gmail, and Salesforce Lightning.

It is a cross-platform programme that works on major operating systems such as Windows and Mac. The good news is that this writing tool allows a free program in addition to premium plans.

The free version works well in Chrome, Google Docs, and Outlook. Subscribe to its paid version, which costs $25 per month, if you want to enjoy premium features. For detailed plans and pricing for commercial use, please get in touch with Sapling. Overall, Sapling is an excellent piece of software for increasing writing productivity and efficiency.

7. Antidote

Although the term “antidote” may be unfamiliar, it can be a great alternative to Grammarly. This grammar checker has been around for a long time and has many features to help you improve your writing. Surprisingly, this editing tool has distinct features that set Antidote apart from other software programmes.

One of these is the capability to add plugins to Word or directly paste the document. This writing assistant assists you in detecting not only grammatical but also stylistic errors. It also enables a personal dictionary to which you can add frequently used words.

Antidote, like Hemingway Editor, can be used offline. It not only supports British English, but also American English, Canadian English, and French.

The antidote editing tool is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The developer does not provide a free trial, but instead requires a one-time payment rather than a monthly subscription. The licence can be purchased for as little as $129.95 for a lifetime. Pricing for commercial purposes is available upon request.

8. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is yet another Artificial Intelligence-powered proofreading tool. It allows you to check your grammar and spelling without having to download a software programme. This app can improve your writing, particularly your style, vocabulary suggestions, and word choice. And there’s more.

Paper Rater functions as a plagiarism checker to make that your writing is entirely original. This editing tool promises time savings due to real-time analysis, ensuring your writing is analysed in under 10 seconds. Furthermore, Paper Rater provides you with unique features to help you improve your writing.

Use its word choice and style features to make your text look professional. Paper Rater comes in two flavours: basic and premium. The basic version is free, but it has limited functionality.

You can upgrade to the premium version to enjoy access to additional features, such as a plagiarism checker. Paper Rater premium costs $14.95 per month or $95.40 per year. Unfortunately, both the primary and premium versions do not support offline use.

9. Slick Writer

If you’re looking for a free proofreading tool, Slick Write is a good option. This writing assistant checks your grammar and style and other aspects of your writing such as vocabulary variety, sentence length, readability, and structural flow.

This proofreading solution can be a great tool if you need an all-in-one package without spending a dime. Slick Write works with internet access as a Firefox and Chrome plugin.

However, if you are unable to connect, it can be downloaded for offline use. This software programme is simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. When you submit the text, the programme will check for mistakes and highlight them in different colours. Check the suggestions to correct the mistakes.

This programme features Statistics, which provides an in-depth overview of stylistic elements for your convenience. It also has the Associator option, which features you words that are related to a specific term.

When compared to Grammarly, Slick Write may have fewer features. However, it can be an excellent solution for students or beginners who want to improve their writing, particularly readability and style. 

Final words:

There are numerous Grammarly Alternatives available on the internet. Picking the best one can be challenging due to the abundance of options. It is much easier to choose the best writing assistant now that you have a list of reliable Grammarly substitutes. Grammarly alternatives are worth considering whether you need a free or paid editing tool. 


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