How to Fix Opera VPN is Not Working? 

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How to Fix Opera VPN is Not Working? 

Opera is surely one of the quickest, most secure, and feature-rich browsers. One of these points which make it class apart from many of its rivals is it is integrated VPN allows you to conceal your online identity. However, what if you actively try and use this great feature and find that Opera VPN is not working? As well! The blog’s all about dealing with the same. 

Therefore, If Opera VPN is not working on your Windows 10 PC, you don’t have to settle your web anonymity. 

Also, If you have put aside your goals of binge-watching a Netflix show not available in your country, also you can try using a different VPN service while you fix the “Opera VPN is not working” issue. 

How to Fix Opera VPN is Not Working? 

Sometimes, VPN might not be allowed by default on your Opera browser (which doesn’t happen that often, but yet). Quickly, Verify the address bar of your browser. Do you notice the VPN button highlighted in blue? In case If not, here is how you can support VPN in Opera – 

1. Then, Open Settings. You can both Tap on the cog icon from the left-hand pane or press the Alt+P keys 

2. Again, from the left-hand side, click on Advanced dropdown and then click on Features 

3. Also, Toggle the Enable VPN switch to the right. After this, you will be able to see the VPN 

Try Connecting To Another Server Location You might work switching to a different server for more than one if Opera VPN was not working. 

Firstly, you will bypass geo-restriction measures which streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon keep upgrading. Moreover, if one server in a particular region is below maintenance and is taken offline, your other preferred server will help you establish a connection once 

again. The server you need to opt for may be below heavy load. In that case, if you can wait for a while and then try setting a connection with the help of that server. 

1. Clear Opera Browsing Data And Cache 

Repeatedly, this is a step that won’t take much of your time but can help Opera VPN start working once again. 

You can both take this path – Settings (marked by cog icon on the left-hand pane) > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data > Clear data, or you can press the ctrl + shift + delete keys on your keyboard, which will directly open the Clear browsing data window for you. Well, Once it opens, click on the Clear data button present at the bottom right of the screen. 

See if the VPN has started to work once again or not. 

2. Restart the VPN 

Well, Don’t head on to any first steps yet until you have examined this one. Only you have to do is cancel your existing connection, refire your browser and try connecting to the VPN once again; following restarting the browser, head to the topmost address bar, where you will view the VPN option highlighted in blue. Tap on it, and then click on the toggle switch twice. Notice if this has resolved the issue for you. 

3. Check Your Windows Firewall Or Antivirus Software 

Then, Windows Defender Firewall, or any additional Antivirus that you are using might block Opera VPN, mistaking it for Malware. That could be one of the reasons why Opera VPN might not be working. Well, To resolve Opera VPN is Not Working, you can add Opera to your firewall or antivirus’s complaints and later tell if you can access Opera VPN. 

1. Tap on Control Panel 

2. Then, Select System and Security 

3. Tap on Windows Defender Firewall 

4. Tap on Allow an app through firewall 

5. Lastly, Locate Opera browser and then click on both the checkboxes 

4. Check The Version 

Think you cannot connect to the VPN on your Opera browser. Soon, Verify if you’re running the newest version of the browser and if it is updated. Here this – 

1. Touch on the Opera icon at the top left corner of the screen 

2. Touch on Help and then click on About Opera 

3. Next, Opera will now check if there are any pending updates and if it is running the latest version 

Thus, Once it is updated, verify if you can enable the VPN and can use it. You can always go back to the start of this blog and see how you can help Opera VPN for quick reference. 

Final words:

If Opera VPN is not working, don’t give up, rather try the fixes discussed on this website, and we are positive you will fix the issue.


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