Best top Life Insurance Companies in 2022

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Our best overall life insurance company. Our editors do independent research and suggest the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent thought strategy and partners in our advertiser disclosure. We may be paid for investments made via our links.

Life insurance is the best strategy to protect your family in the case of your death financially. The best life insurance companies can assist you in obtaining sufficient coverage to replace your income, repay debts, or cover expenditures that your family will face, top rated life insurance companies such as paying for your children’s school or caring for aged parents.

Best Life Insurance Companies in 2022

  1. Prudential is the best overall.
  2. State Farm is the best instant issue.
  3. Transamerica is the best value.
  4. Northwestern has the best overall life.
  5. Mutual
  6. New York’s Best Term Policies
  7. Life
  8. Mutual of Omaha is the top best option for no medical exams.
  9. Best for Military: USAA

When applying for insurance, most insurance companies require new applicants to offer either “male” or “female,” They don’t always include an option for people who identify as nonbinary or transgender.

While being nonbinary does not exclude you from obtaining insurance, you should be aware that most insurance firms’ underwriting processes have not been changed to reflect an understanding of gender problems.

Best Life Insurance Companies

Mutual of Omaha

Life Insurance Companies

  • Mutual of Omaha is the top best option for no medical exams.
  • A+14 is the best rating.
  • There are four types of life insurance.
  • Ages of Issue: 0-85
  • Request a Quote Why We select It

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Companies offers term and your whole life insurance policies with no medical exam for qualified applicants. This implies that you may be able to fill out a health questionnaire from the comfort of your own home, without having to undergo an intrusive health check, and receive coverage when you pay your first month’s payments.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Excellent financial strength ratings
  • It is easy to obtain a quote online.
  • You may apply for certain term and whole life insurance policies without taking a medical exam.


  • No any medical exam is required to apply for your coverage.


Mutual of Omaha, established in 1909, has developed greatly over the years and is today a supplier of life insurance, very long-term care insurance, annuities, investments, and other services.

Mutual of Omaha has an A+ rating from AM Best and an A+ rating from S&P Global in terms of financial health. In addition, Mutual of Omaha was ranked fifth out of 23 in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study company, with 789 points out of a probable 1,000.6.

Mutual of Omaha provides a type of life insurance policies, including term life insurance, full life insurance, universal life insurance, children’s entire life insurance, and accidental death insurance.

If you prefer, you may communicate with an agent in your region, but Mutual of Omaha also allows you to acquire a free quote or apply for any of its policies online. Mutual of Omaha company also offers term and whole life coverage with a medical exam, however not all applicants will be eligible.

What is the cost of its coverage?

To find out, request a quote or chat with an agent.

State Farm‘s Best Instant Issue

Life Insurance Companies

  • A++3 is the best rating.
  • Three types Concerning Life Insurance
  • 18-75 years old
  • Request a Quote Why We chose It

We chose State Farm as the top best company for rapid issue policies because you can apply online and acquire term life coverage without having to take a medical exam or go through any other hurdles. State Farm’s high ratings and very extensive history also contributed to their inclusion in our spot.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • State Farm offers several term policies that do not need a medical exam.
  • Online term life insurance quotes are completely free.
  • Excellent financial strength and customer satisfaction ratings


  • In Massachusetts, there is no life insurance available.


Another insurance company with a long and illustrious history is State Farm. State Farm, founded in 1922 by a retired farmer, has expanded from humble origins to offer a diverse variety of insurance products today. State Farm is now ranked 39th on the Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest companies.

This company also has an A++ rating from AM Best for financial strength, which is the best rating attainable.

Also, State Farm received the highest score in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study, which explored the experiences of life insurance and annuity consumers throughout the country.

When it comes to life insurance products, State Farm allows customers to buy term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance.

State Farm Life Insurance Companies also makes it easy to submit your information and obtain a free term life insurance quote online. State Farm offers rapid response term life insurance coverage that you can apply for online, and these policies are available with no medical exam.

Nevertheless, it would help if you answered health-related questions in your application.

How much does State Farm life insurance price?

Transamerica‘s Best Value

Life Insurance Companies

  • A7 is the best rating.
  • Life Insurance Types: Five Issues
  • 18-80 years old
  • Request a Quote Why We chose It

Transamerica best Life Insurance Company offers very low term life insurance coverage and has a long history of financial soundness and reliability, allowing the company to stand out as the best value in life insurance in our analysis.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Term life insurance premiums have a high monetary value.
  • Financial strength scores are excellent.


  • To obtain a quote for some items, you must talk with an agent.


While Transamerica may not be the best household brand, it has existed in business since 1904. It has received good financial stability ratings, including an A rating from AM Best and an A+ rating from S&P Global.

Transamerica received just 734 points out of a possible 1,000 in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study. Transamerica also provides a wide range of life insurance products, such as term policies, full life insurance, index universal life insurance, universal life insurance, and highest-cost life insurance.

Transamerica Life Insurance Companies best life and health insurance company requires you to talk with an agent to obtain a quote for most of its life insurance products. However, you may receive term life insurance quotes online. Its term coverage prices are often quite reasonable.

Northwestern Mutual

Life Insurance Companies

  • Northwestern Mutual is the top best whole life insurance company.
  • A++9 is the best rating.
  • Three types Concerning Life Insurance
  • 18-80 years old
  • Request a Quote Why We chose It

While Northwestern Mutual is well-known for its general quality best Life Insurance Company, its whole life insurance policies are particularly popular. For 2020, the company paid out a record $6.2 billion in dividends to policyholders. Not just do its policies tend to pay high dividends. Still, you also have the benefit of dealing with a financial counsellor who can assist guide you to the best whole or another form of best life insurance policy for your situation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Excellent quality and financial strength ratings
  • Term life, your whole life, and universal life insurance are all available.


  • To obtain a quote, you must consult with a financial professional.


Northwestern Mutual has lived in business since 1857, and its outstanding ratings demonstrate its dedication to providing high-quality goods and services.

Northwestern Mutual not just has an A++ rating from AM top Best and an AA+ rating from S&P Global, while it also received top honours in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Best Life Insurance Study for customer satisfaction.

Northwestern Mutual provides term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. However, because it employs financial consultants who manage your whole financial picture, you must go through a thorough financial analysis to receive a quote.

This means you’ll need to interact with a Northwestern Mutual financial counsellor and supply additional information about your finances and life. This might be a significant benefit if you require assistance with complete financial planning and wish to incorporate whole life insurance into your entire financial picture. 


New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, and USAA are all mutual insurance companies. Our Verdict Compare total Providers Guide to Choosing Types of Life Insurance Terms To Determine Who Needs Life Insurance.

  • How much should I ask?
  • Methodology for Choosing Life Insurance FAQs
  • Prudential’s Best Overall
  • AM
  • Best grade: A+1
  • There are four types of life insurance.
  • Ages of Issue: 18-75
  • Request a Quote Why We chose It

Prudential Life Insurance Company was picked as the best overall life insurance company based on the firm’s history stretching back to 1873, the wide range of policies provided, and good financial strength ratings best life and health insurance company.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Online, you may get a term life insurance quote in seconds.
  • Excellent financial strength ratings
  • Your policy can be added with some riders.


  • There is no online quote for permanent life insurance coverage.

Best life insurance reviews 

Prudential Financial was founded in 1873, which bodes well for its reliability.

In terms of financial strength, the best Prudential Insurance Company of America boasts an A+ rating from AM Best top and an AA- rating from Standard and Poor’s.

Prudential supplies term life insurance, universal life insurance, indexed universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance, and the option to add riders such as an accidental death advantage, living requirements benefit, and a children’s protection rider to your policy.

New York Life‘s Best Term Policies

  • A++12 is the best rating.

Life insurance comes in four different types, with four different issue ages ranging from 0 to 90 years old.

Could you request a Quote on Why We chose It?

New York Life has the best financial strength ratings, as well as flexible term life insurance policies that may be converted to very permanent insurance in the future—and the company makes it simple to tailor your term life coverage to your exact needs.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The company’s financial ratings are outstanding.
  • A good history that dates back to 1845.
  • There are four major types of life insurance coverage available.


  • There are no online quotes.
  • For coverage choices, you must consult with a financial counsellor.


  • New York Life has been in company since 1845, showing its reliability in the market.

This company also has very strong financial strength ratings, including an A++ rating from AM Best and an AA+ rating from Standard & Poor’s.

Furthermore, according to the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study, New York Life ranks sixth out of 23 companies based on customer service satisfaction and other characteristics. New York Life provides four types of life insurance coverage: term life insurance, full life insurance, universal life insurance company, and variable universal life insurance.

On its website, it also offers a variety of useful life insurance information, as well as charts that may assist you in comparing its policies and services.

We chose New York Life as the best term life insurance provider since it provides term life insurance that may be converted to permanent life insurance later.

It also offers customised add-ons for disability and terminal illness, allowing you to choose the sort of coverage that best meets your needs. Unfortunately, New York Life does not provide free online quotes.

You to fill out a paper with your full details, following which a financial specialist will contact you to go over your entire financial picture.


  • USAA is best for military personnel.
  • A++16 is the best rating.
  • Types of Life Insurance: There are two issue ages: 0 and 85.
  • Request a Quote Why We chose It

USAA’s vehicle and house insurance and banking products are solely offered to military personnel and veterans, while its life insurance products are open to the general public.

USAA has strong financial strength ratings and a variety of riders you may add to your policy to enhance your benefits. Finally, because USAA primarily serves military members, it knows their lifestyle and dangers, making the underwriting process easier.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Online life insurance quotes are easy to obtain.
  • Purchase either term or permanent life insurance.
  • Excellent financial strength ratings
  • The general public can purchase life insurance policies.


  • Premiums may be greater than those of companies.


USAA is a supplier of insurance and banking services to members and veterans of the United States military. Founded in 1922, the company has developed from humble beginnings to become a supplier of life insurance, vehicle insurance, checking and savings accounts, and various other goods that military personnel require.

USAA now has somewhat less than 13 million members, and the company’s life insurance component enjoys great ratings. AM Best gave it an A++ rating, while Standard & Poor’s gave it an AA+ rating.

USAA gives term life insurance coverage for up to 30 years and permanent life insurance policies that last a lifetime when it comes to life insurance coverage.

It also makes you acquire a free quote for both term and permanent coverage online, indicating that it is more price transparent than many of its competitors.

USAA also offers several premium rider choices to its clients, including as a term life event rider, which allows you to boost coverage by up to $100,000 without having a medical exam.

Other potential riders include:

  • A military serious injury rider.
  • A future insurability rider.
  • A premium waiver rider.
  • The ability to expand coverage for a spouse and children.

To keep in mind regarding USAA, you must be a member to apply for its auto and house insurance and bank products, and membership requires some level of military service or veteran status.

Keeping this in mind, USAA life insurance policies are offered to the general public and do not require membership. Prices for policies vary, so if you’re qualified for USAA, obtain a quote to see what you’d be charged.

The Final Word

When looking for a best Life Insurance Companies, seek one with a solid and stable history, offers a wide range of insurance alternatives, and provides additional help and resources, such as reports and calculators, to help you make an informed choice.

Prudential Financial ticks all of these boxes and makes above and above by allowing you to quote policies for up to $250,000. Compared to the competition, Prudential can fulfill the life insurance needs of most people of all the companies we studied.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Life Insurance

Choosing a life insurance policy can be a challenging decision, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Before you begin, it is good to grasp the many possibilities available to you and some fundamental terms and criteria to select the best policy for your circumstances.

What is life insurance?

What Are the Various types of Life Insurance?

Life insurance comes in various forms, ranging from short-term contracts to lifelong coverage. The best life insurance option for you is determined by your financial objectives, health status, age, and several other considerations.

Here’s a rundown of each sort of life insurance and who it’s best suited for:


Term policies provide short-term life insurance coverage for a certain period. Most policies are five to thirty years long and offer a large death benefit for a cheaper premium. Term insurance is best for young, healthy people searching for low-cost coverage.


Whole your life insurance is a sort of permanent life insurance intended to cover people for their whole lives. Policies may accumulate cash value, which produces interest and may be borrowed against tax-free.


Universal life insurance company is a form of permanent life insurance that provides adjustable benefit levels and premiums. Policies may accumulate cash value, which may be invested for extra growth or borrowed against tax-free.


Indexed life insurance company is a form of universal life insurance that allows policyholders to invest the policy’s cash value in need indices (such as the S&P 500) for tax-deferred growth. The cash value balance is tax-free and can be borrowed.

It’s a sure thing.

Guaranteed-issue life insurance policies are a form of permanent life insurance that offers approval for a limited amount of coverage regardless of the applicant’s health. There is no need for a medical checkup to be approved for coverage.

Final costs/burial.

Final expenditure life insurance is a permanent life insurance meant to cover end-of-life expenses such as funeral and burial fees. These policies are often for lesser sums, and many provide coverage without requiring a medical checkup.


An annuity company is a kind of insurance contract meant to offer a consistent income stream throughout retirement. Annuities are generally paid in a single lump amount or through a series of payments made over the accumulation phase. Payouts begin at the “annuitization” period and vary based on the contract’s terms.

You Should Be Knowledgeable of These Life Insurance company terms

When investigating life insurance policies, you’ll want to learn a few terms to know precisely what’s covered.

At face value.

The face value of an insurance policy company is the amount of money that your beneficiaries would receive if you died while the policy is still in effect.

The death benefit.

The death benefit company is the same as the policy’s face value, and it is paid to your beneficiaries upon death. Policy death benefits may be decreased if any distributions from the policy are obtained due to an accelerated benefit company provision or if any withdrawals or loans are taken against a policy’s cash value.

Monetary value

A part of the premium in certain life insurance policies is used to accumulate cash value within the policy. This cash value can earn a predetermined amount of interest or be linked to an investment index to increase its growth potential.

The cash value represents tax-deferred savings that may be borrowed against tax-free.


A rider is a life insurance policy amendment that offers additional benefits or bespoke coverage alternatives to the insurance policy.

This might possess coverage for a spouse or children, increased compensation for accidental death, or the opportunity to access policy assets sooner. Rider fees are often charged as a tiny percentage of the policy premium or an annual flat price.

Who Requires Life Insurance?

Life insurance is intended to protect your assets and pay your debts if you die.

Some of the reasons you could need life insurance are as follows:

  • You’ve gotten married.
  • You have a mortgage on your home.
  • You are the only supporter of your family.
  • You wish to cover for funeral and burial expenditures.
  • You wish to accumulate tax-deferred cash value.
  • You want to increase your retirement income.
  • You own a business and owe a lot of money.

This is not a complete list of reasons for purchasing life insurance, and almost everyone benefits from having some form of life insurance coverage.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

A few factors determine the quantity of life insurance you should carry:

  • What is your age?
  • Your monetary obligations
  • Your earnings
  • Number of years till retirement
  • Your family

Many financial advisors recommend at least ten times your yearly salary as income replacement coverage, but you may want added or small depending on your circumstances.

For example, if you have a very high mortgage and are the primary income for your family, you may choose to get more than 10x coverage for yourself. Alternatively, this might be a basic last expense policy covering end-of-life expenses.

Here’s a short example of how to figure out how much life insurance coverage you would need:

John is married with three children. As the main breadwinner, he makes $100,000 per year, and they have $500,000 in debt and ($450,000 mortgage and $50,000 in auto loans).

John has opted to get a term life insurance coverage worth ten times his income, plus an additional $500,000 to cover their financial commitments.

Term coverage allows someone to have coverage for a set period (say, 20 years) at the lowest monthly cost. Your loved ones should be able to grieve without having to worry about the financial consequences of your death if you have life insurance coverage.

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance

The best sort of life insurance is tailored to you and your family’s needs. This involves determining how much coverage you want and what the money will be used for if you die.

You should also think about you whether you want temporary or permanent coverage. You may prefer lifelong coverage, but then discover that term policies would save you a large amount of money while also covering you throughout the most dangerous years (more debt, more familial obligations).

Finally, determine how much you can afford. Most policies company change a monthly or annual premium, with riders incurring extra fees. Term policies company may be a better fit if you want a low monthly cost, but if you desire to use your best insurance policy company to grow your wealth, a whole or universal life policy may be better.

Compare the costs of term and permanent policies to see which one best fits your budget. For example, company a 30-year-old man with a 20-year $500,000 policy will pay an average of $27.69 per month.

[1] A 30-year-old man among a $100,000 whole life policy will pay $89 per month, payable to age 99.

This is more than crease the price of term life while delivering less scope but covering you over a more extended and more difficult time of your life.

[2] To get the top best life insurance policy company for your situation, and one that fits your budget, follow these full steps:

Step 1: Decide what typ of policy you need: term or permanent.

Step 2: Determine how much coverage you require and how long you wish to remain covered.

Determine the length of the term you require if you are purchasing a term policy. If you want to get a permanent life insurance policy for lifelong coverage, consider how the cash value component fits into your entire financial strategy. You might wish to consult with a financial adviser about what is best for you and your family.

Step 3: Contact a life insurance broker and get quotes for the sort of life insurance you’re looking.

If you’re not sure whether to select term or permanent life insurance, ask the broker to seek quotes for both kinds.

Step 4: Compare life insurance quotes from multiple companies and pick one that fulfils your criteria and suits your budget.

Step 5: If required, schedule a medical exam.

If not, use for and wait to be authorised for the policy.

Remember that it is OK to obtain many quotes to acquire the best policy.

If required, conduct research, ask questions, consult with a financial or insurance specialist.

What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance offers a death payment to covered persons who die while the policy is still in effect. More range may be added to the coverage provided in the event of the death of a spouse or children.

Riders may offer out if an insured is diagnosed with a terminal disease or becomes permanently incapacitated and unable to work. Most types of fatalities are covered by life insurance, and additional compensation may be available if the death results from an accident. Some life insurance policies may also generate tax-deferred cash value that may be borrowed against or withdrawn (after a certain age).

What Doesn’t Life Insurance Cover?

Typically, life death policies do not cover suicide deaths that occur within two years of the policy’s inception. Most policies normally cover suicide after the contestability period.

Life insurance will also not pay a payout if the insured misled any medical questions asked when applying for the policy. Some policies exclude death caused by high-risk activities such as bungee jumping or skydiving.

Your policy will determine the specifics of your coverage, and it is best to consult with an insurance professional company to determine what activities may not be covered.

And, as horrible as it is to consider, if a policyholder is murdered by one of the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy, there is no payout to that beneficiary.

Rather, the payout company may be directed to a contingent beneficiary, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

Is it permissible for me to have more than one life insurance policy?

Yes, you can have more than one life insurance policy. Stacking numerous life insurance policies is a wonderful method to increase or eliminate coverage as your life circumstances change.

For example, if you get married, you may get a $250,000 term insurance policy to replace your income. When you buy a house and have children, you may decide to take out a second $500,000 policy to cover the failure of income and assist pay for the mortgage and other costs associated with raising children.

Is it Possible to Get Life Insurance if I Smoke?

You certainly can. Most life insurance companies present life insurance to smokers, although the prices are often substantially higher.

Some companies provide better rates for smokers than others, and some even provide an incentive to stop smoking by providing cheaper rates for some time while the insured works on quitting.

Life insurance policies may also include provisions for people considered “high risk,” such as those with a family history of disease of heart disease or any cancer or who have a pre-existing medical condition.

Many policies also need a medical check to assess your suitability. Rates may be much higher if you qualify for coverage. Smokers and individuals with high-risk health characteristics will pay higher rates on average, although coverage is available from most large life insurance companies.


Our life insurance technique is thorough. We investigated and assessed over two dozen different life insurance companies to develop our best life insurance companies list.

We gathered information (both qualitative and quantitative) on each company, such as ratings for financial strength (using independent assessments from companies such as AM Best), customer satisfaction scores (using J.D. Power ratings), price, and customer experience.

We prioritised companies that provided online quoting tools and transparent pricing during our review process. We also looked at the functionality provided by carriers for customers to manage their policies and file claims online, such as online forms and customer portals.

Companies that provided multiple forms of customer service, such as phone, email, and live chat on their websites, received higher ratings.

Finally, we looked at the various offers available—types of policies and riders provided Life Insurance Companies, as well as extra goods and services, such as investment options—from each of the companies we studied and rated their respective merits.

We gave higher ratings to companies that offered a variety of policies riders (e.g., living benefits, (e.g., term, whole, universal), waiver of premium, return of premium), and another service, as we believe these companies are good positioned to help individual customers find the life insurance coverage they need. 


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