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The top free word processor allows you to produce familiar documents quickly and easily without paying for a license or subscription.

You could be able to get by without using a spreadsheet program or a presentation maker, but text files are unavoidable. While there are some best free word processing tools for Microsoft Word available, they typically lack the features of paid-for software online microsoft word.

Even if they do, there may be concerns with document format compatibility when transferring between software systems, particularly when transferring to Microsoft Word.

We’re looking at the best offline free word processors, but if you’d instead write online, there are several fantastic browser-based applications to consider microsoft word free.

Google Docs download word for free windows 10 is by far the most apparent option free microsoft word, and it has the added benefit of automatically saving your work, so you don’t have to fear if your internet connection goes down. It’s also an excellent option for teamwork, as it eliminates the need to submit work to a different cloud storage provider. However, it has a finite range of templates, no mechanism to import text from other Google apps, formatting concerns when importing, microsoft word online and any online tool will be accompanied by distractions such as social media.

Here are the top free word processors and Microsoft Word alternatives that will give a trustworthy platform for you to operate from, can i download microsoft word for free? whether at home or work microsoft word free download.

Best Alternatives to Microsoft Word

1. WPS Office Free Writer

The best free word processor alternatives to Microsoft Word

If you’ve used a recent version of Microsoft Word, switching to Writer – the word processing element of WPS Office Free – will be a breeze.

This free word processor microsoft word online sounds and behaves virtually like its paid counterpart, and it even has its version of OneDrive, with 1GB of free online storage.

It comes with several pre-installed templates that cover all of the essential document kinds, and you can quickly create your own for more specialized jobs word free download. It works on every text file type imaginable, including present and legacy Microsoft Word versions dating back to The office 97.

WPS Office Writer is financed by inconspicuous advertisements, which can be disabled by switching to the paid version, but they’re scarcely perceptible, and no functions are held behind a paywall. Overall, WPS Writer is an excellent word processor, and we believe it is the most powerful free word processor-accessible today.

2. FocusWriter

The best free word processor alternatives to Microsoft Word

You could use Windows’ built-in Notepad software if you want to scribble some words without caring about formatting. Still, microsoft office word FocusWriter is packed with sophisticated tools that will help you maximize productivity without getting in the way.

FocusWriter, microsoft word as the name says, blocks off all interruptions so you can focus entirely on that crucial first draught. In regular use, all you have is a blank sheet – toolbars appear only when you drag your mouse cursor to the border of the screen – but Focused Text has a killer feature that fades everything except the present paragraph or sentence into the background.

FocusWriter microsoft word free also has alarms that go out at specific periods or when you achieve a predefined word count, so you don’t have to keep an eye on a counter. FocusWriter is also an excellent tool to use in conjunction with the Pomodoro Technique microsoft word, which is working hard for long enough to be productive but not so long that you feel exhausted.

FocusWriter isn’t fantastic for editing download word, but it’s hard to beat for productivity.

3. LibreOffice Writer

The best free word processor alternatives to Microsoft Word

Although LibreOffice is a derivative of Apache OpenOffice, and both provide similar word processing tools, we prefer LibreOffice since it receives more regular updates and has a more active userbase.

The writer is a feature-rich imitation of Microsoft Word that comes with all the facilities you’ll need for a text-based project free word document.

Wizards microsft word and templates for popular document kinds, such as bills and letters, are included in both versions of Writer, and it’s also simple to construct your layouts for future use. The word processors also integrate with the other office applications in their respective suites, so you may, for example, use Base to build a bibliography how to get word for free.

Both word processors can export docs to PDF without extra software and handle all of the most common file types. If you’re seeking a free word processor to replace Microsoft Word, either one of these two options will suffice.

4. FreeOffice TextMaker

TextMaker, free word document the word processing component of SoftMaker FreeOffice, is attractive and includes several valuable templates for writing letters and other everyday documents. Although the collection isn’t as broad as its competitors, you may create new designs and get them in the TMV form for later use.

Advanced formatting choices, the power to make databases for handling bibliographies and footnotes, and a mechanism for tracking changes to joint projects are all present and accurate in this modern word processor.

TextMaker’s severe sole flaw is that it doesn’t allow download microsoft word free you to save your content in DOCX format. This feature is only available in SoftMaker Office’s premium version.

5. Writemonkey

WriteMonkey is yet another no-frills word editor that allows you to get the most out of your time without having to worry about editing and formatting. It’s not meant for formal papers like letters or CVs, but it’s lovely for getting early ideas down on paper so you can develop them later.

WriteMonkey word online login only operates with TXT files, unlike FocusWriter, which supports all of the most conventional text formats, so you’ll have to transform any works in progress before opening them. The hidden controls in WriteMonkey word download are also more challenging to find – everything is accessible via a massive right-click menu or a long list of keyboard shortcuts.

However, word download free if you’re willing to memorize such shortcuts, WriteMonkey will be faster to get than toolbar-based options download word.

We also like being able to check up words on Wikipedia, Google Images,,, and a slew of other sites without having to open a browser window and risk succumbing to the temptations of Twitter and Facebook how to get microsoft word for free.

Because WriteMonkey is a portable tool ms word for linux, there’s no need to install it; extract all downloaded files to a portable drive or cloud storage service, then open WriteMonkey.exe to start it.


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