Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

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Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

If you are searching for the best podcast recording software, you surely want to have an application that is not just a sound recorder. The application listed in this article is capable of editing, mixing, and trimming audio input. It has very effective options of adding sound effects and segregate already recorded voices and sounds. In this article, you would get a complete glimpse of the best broadcast recording software features in 2021.

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

1. WavePad

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

It is certainly the best podcast recording software out there on the market. This is not just a sound recorder, but it also offers extra key features like adding effects to amplify the sounds and noise reduction. It supports various audio formats like AU, WMA, VOX, GSM, OGG, and many more. It has an option of extensive adding, which permits its users to cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, auto, trim, compress, and so many others options.

2. Audacity

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

When it comes to free podcast recording software, audacity comes at the top of the list. It works on almost all operating systems, for example, MAC and Linux. It allows you to use so many tools which you find paid in other software.


  • Noise reduction
  • Addition of fades and supplies
  • Trim and delete
  • Free online tutorials are available

 3. Adobe Audition Creative Cloud

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

Third, on our list of the best podcast recording software is adobe In addition. This software is popular amongst audio editors. It is user-friendly and very efficient and gives you such a view that you can utilize all the options like drag, drop, cut, overlay tracts.


  • It uses a separate microphone to record multiple tracts at the same time.
  • Noise reduction and removal
  • Can enhance low-frequency sound.
  • It also offers a template option with all the necessary settings.
  • Sample for looping.
  • Sound effects are given.

4. Avid Pro Tools

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

Although you can use the above podcast applications for professional purposes, Avid pro tools top the list of professional podcast software. It is easy to use, like editing, composing, recording, and mixing options are simple. But to get knowledge of all the functions you need a little bit of practice.


  • Sound adjustments
  • Work in real-time
  • The premium version of the software allows 128 tracks for non-destructive editing.
  • It has many building virtual instruments.

5. GarageBand

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021

When we see the list of best podcast recording software, GarageBand comes top of the list. It is free for MAC and ios users. Primarily this app has been used for creating music. It means it can create templates with male-female tracts, record broadcasts, add many sound effects and jingles. The interface is user-friendly and allows to drag and drop features.

Although you cannot use GarageBand for extensive audio editing, it can do an excellent job for simple editing needs.

GarageBand is user-friendly when it comes to reapers.

key features:

  • It is 60 days free trial version.

6. ACID Xpress

Reviews Best Podcast Recording Software In 2021


Next on our list of best podcast software is Acis Xpress. It’s an audio editor that offers multiple tracts for recording, mixing and cleaning, etc. window users can use this application for free. Editing this application is simple. You can cut and clip and arrange audio clips as per your requirement. Some salient features are


  • It supports MDID editing
  • You can adjust and match the pitch and tempo of the sound.
  • It also supports in-line recording.


7. All

All is another top podcast software that professionals widely use. You can avail 7-day trial free before getting the paid premium package.

The automation of features in this application makes it user-friendly, and a beginner can also use it easily. Another feature is that it allows you to link different audio files into one project and record them directly.


  • Noise reduction and silencer.
  • Adjust the intro and end of the soundtrack.
  • Allitu allows you to publish finish output to a supported hosting service.

8. Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg journalist, as the name suggests, is widely used by journalists. It offers many audio processing functions by default that run in the background. It has this unique option of clipboard interface, which allows its users the best clips as required. Some salient features.


  • Allows you to cut, paste and arrange clips as per your requirement upload the final product on hosting services.
  • It has a free trial for 30 days
  • It also allows uncompressed audio.
  • Sound equalization is an automation feature.

9. Auphonic

One of the best podcast software is euphonic. It has this excellent feature of automated audio editing, but not all automated options are free In the trial version. Its automation features work so that most of the editing is done automatically when you upload any recorded file. It was recognizing different sound music and voices automatically and adjust as per users’ requirements.


  • Available in web-based users
  • Available on MAC and window.
  • Automation makes it user-friendly

10. Reaper

On 10th position on our list is Reaper. It is a lightweight budget and user-friendly application. But it doesn’t stop it from becoming the best broadcast recording software. Reaper has an impressive interface that is easy to use and quick.


  • It allows live streaming broadcasts.
  • This tool runs from a USB drive.
  • Works on MAC and window.
  • 60 days free trial.
  • User can import any kind of audio file edited and can download into their device.

11. FuseBox

 Last but not least is the fusebox. It is an impressive podcast recorder and editor.


  • It permits podcast listeners to download transcripts.
  • Users can subscribe to another podcast.
  • You can add a description for your recorded podcast.
  • Users can allow third-party emails and send feedback to their loyal listeners.


We have compiled a list of the best podcast recording software for you. But at the same time, we know that it is not easy to pick one software. Still, it is really about the user’s requirement as different software has different critical features like audacity and fusebox are strong competitors. And if you ask for our advice, we recommend audacity. It is the best-recorded software available out there in the market.



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