Best Free Textsheet Alternatives 2020

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Textsheet evolved into an online educational program that provided Chegg answers via a Chegg API. If you are a college or high school student, you will be familiar with the Textsheet website.

Isn’t that right?

Textsheet is so well-known that every college student uses them for their daily homework and assignments. I’m hoping that if you’re reading this newsletter, you’re already a Textsheet aficionado. We will review the best textsheet options for 2020.

Textsheet answers the majority of the student’s questions by plagiarising answers from other sites such as Chegg.
It makes use of a Chegg API to retrieve all of the answers to the student question and make a site from them.
Users of the Textsheet site, on the other hand, have no idea how or where they are getting the answers to their problems.
Some months ago, the textsheet site was transferred from the internet due to a copyright infringement claim made by the Chegg site.

What is a Textsheet?

Textsheet is a free online education site where students can get assistance with their ongoing homework and assignments.
Many premium sites offer the same functionality as textsheet, but they are all paid.
Because textsheet is entirely free to use and packed with features, many students adore them daily for their educational needs.

Why is Textsheet being shut down?

After that, this Textsheet had no choice but to shut down the entire site, which they did.
As a result, students must find a new site to assist them with their homework, such as textsheet, which is not an easy task.
Most of the sites considered as alternatives to textsheet are paid sites that not every student can afford.

Why is it so popular?

Textsheets became popular among all students and received millions and millions of visitors, assisting millions of students with their assignments and homework.

If millions of people use Textsheet, you may wonder why the entire site should be removed from the internet.
Your question is perfectly reasonable, and here is the answer.

Textsheet Alternatives:

This article will provide you with the Top Textsheet Alternatives that will answer all of your questions without cost.
Yes, there are some sites. Without more ado, let us get started on the list of Textsheet alternatives.

List of the Best Free Textsheet Substitutes:

  • STUDY lib


Best Free Textsheet Alternatives 2020

A path hero is a web platform where you can study all of the courses.
You can easily find answers to all your questions by simply typing your query into the seek box.
It too has a feature that enables you to filter your question based on faculty name, subject name, and various other options.
According to path hero, they have over 25 million publications for students to study, which is a large number.
If you’re wondering what the best thing about course heroes is, it’s that they’re so simple to use.
So, why are you anticipating? Go to the direction hero and have all of your questions answered.

2. STUDY lib

Best Free Textsheet Alternatives 2020

Study lib – as the name implies,Textsheet Alternatives study lib is simply a library for all of your homework and assignments.
The variety of topics for which they provide solutions is a pleasant aspect of the look at lib.
You can take any subject matter you want, such as technology, math, English, politics, and so on.
They provide you with the precise solution you’re looking for with a specific explanation.
If you don’t have a specific question and want to learn more about the subject, they have separate sections to find the typical questions about the topic of your choice.

You could also make to the website online if you are unquestionably the best at a specific difficulty.
Examine lib honestly is a community that allows students to solve their homework, assignments, and research papers.
Regardless of which common you’re reading, study lib has you covered.
So, go ahead and check them up.


Chegg has a lot to give at a fraction of the price we would pay in a bookstore.
They provide book rental, online courses, course reviews, and other services.
I forgot to mention one of the website’s most essential features, the Math Solver.
It provides a step-by-step explanation for almost every problem.
So, if you find any problems while doing your homework, don’t worry, Chegg has you covered.


From the name, it appears to be a pretty cool website.
Loopy for the study is a domain with many questions answered by high faculty and college students.
They have over 50 million sources from which every student can get their required answer with proof.
Fifty million dollars is a staggering sum.

What should you do if you’ve finished your homework and want to learn more about the subject?
Then you don’t have to go to any other sites because they provide you with a lot of online elegance on the issue you want for completely free.
So, crazy for a look at is a go-to site if you want to learn more about a specific difficulty without spending a dime.


When it comes to the following Textsheet opportunity, the Best Alternative of Textsheet is slader.
It is an excellent alternative to textsheet because it has a similar-looking UI and functionality.
You can easily find solutions to all of your questions on the side of the explanation, just like you used to on a textsheet.
In addition, they have both a free and a paid version of their website online.

The most noticeable distinction between the paid and free versions is that the free version has advertisements on every page (which isn’t always very annoying ), whereas the paid version does not. If you’re looking for an excellent textsheet alternative with comparable expertise, give slader a case; you won’t be disappointed.

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